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Jun 2, 2012

Hairy Hotties Muscle Studs - The Sexy Videos

Hairy Hotties Muscle Studs - Sexy Videos

I love a guy with a hairy chest. And, when I get these muscular studs with furry pecs, I'm in heaven! Hot hot hot hot hot... I've collected a lot photos and videos of sexy, hairy men, and every once in a while, guys like in these videos walks into my catchy eyes and takes my breath away. These hairy bodybuilders/hunks are absolutely stunning. Their shoulders are bulging out of the arm holes of the tank top. And those biceps they're huge. The view is even more spectacular when these hairy muscle hunks peels off their shirt. Wow! Massive pecs covered in fur. And seeing their whole big and ripped torso really increases the impression of those big, bulging guns. Muscular man's awesome bodies, I've alread talked about their chest, shoulders, and arms; but wait until you see these videos, just click on images and enjoy.

Hairy Muscle Studs Exercise
Hairy Muscle Studs Exercise

Dirty Tony veteran Clayton Archer is ready to give newcomer Brock Landon some workout tips. They are sitting on my casting couch talking about their favorite workout routines when Brock notices Clayton's bag of tricks. Soon the two studs are digging through to find out how they can work out there arms together. Clayton shows Brock some simple things to do with exercise bands.

Aaron Cage

Aaron Cage

The Hot and Hairy Bear... Aaron Cage. Mmmmm that's sooo hot, his body is so wonderful. "Wow! Who is this hot, hairy bodybuilder?" and "I hope you have more of this hunk coming." And indeed I do. Aside from a couple of photo sessions.


Barb@zul - I Don't Care

Men are basically promiscuous..... expecting fidelity from a male partner sometimes maybe unrealistic. Very nice! There needs to be more videos of these kinds of men on YouTube! Love the song and the hot bear men in the video! Handsome guys and catchy dance music is a great combo! I could look at kissing bear guys for hours! Such a sad story, though.

Rafa Martin - How to shave your chest

Rafa Martin - How to Shave Your Chest

To decide whether to shave between wax or a knife, it is best wax. Removing the hair root that you will gradually weaken and grows increasingly less force. The blade on the other hand makes the hair grow ever stronger and stronger as well as thickness not remove the root, otherwise only have to look at the hair of the beard, it grows stronger.

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