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May 27, 2012

Matt Davis aka Von Legend - The Perfect Ten Bodybuilder

Matt Davis aka Von Legend

Matt Davis

At 6' 5'' Matt Davis is one of the biggest men to ever pose for gay erotica. Whoever coined his “nom de porn” wasn’t exaggerating when they dubbed him “of legend”. There are few men gracing the pages of gay magazines that measure up to this beauty. His physique has heroic proportions. If I were casting a movie for Barbarian warriors he would be one of my first choices. In a culture where smooth hairless bodies are de riguer Mr. Davis looks all the hotter unshaven. SPEC-TAC-U-LAR!!!! A perfect ten, Face, Body, and Oh those shoulders! Indeed. Perfect cloning material. Just imagine an army of Legends!

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Matt Davis aka Von Legend Matt Davis aka Von Legend Matt Davis aka Von Legend

Matt Davis aka Von Legend Matt Davis aka Von Legend

Matt Davis aka Von Legend Matt Davis aka Von Legend

What's sexier than a guy with a southern accent? One who is articulate. He can be forgiven, though. Couldn't stay mad at big, sexy slab of man like that for too long. ^^; He's a good god i've just had my breath taken completely away. what a hunk. We didn't think Matt Davis, also known as Von Legend, could get any sexier, but then we found out he speaks in an irresistible Southern drawl! If you ask us, there is nothing sexier than a guy with a Southern accent! It's our pleasure to bring to you the demi-god that is Von Legend.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Davis is just an adonis and the ultimate greek god. Thank you Matt for sharing the results of your disciplined lifestyle and hard work at the gym. But genetics were a major player for you---your parents produced an extremely fine specimen of manhood. Hey guys, Matt has shared the ultimate intimate side of himself on LegendMen: posing, displaying every muscle, and revealing a very beautiful cock. Matt's cum is pearl white. Hey Matt, thanks!

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