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Nov 23, 2010

Mega Hot Muscle Wrestling Videos Part II - Stripping, Dominance and Speedos

Hot Muscle Hunks Wrestling

The dominance of the Hunk Master is awesome, their authorities, their bodies and their butt .... i would be on my knees doing exactly what they tells me. This is a real fantasy for me to be dominated by macho master! real hot one! .... There is never a good wrestling match til someone gets there balls dropped on a knee oo i was lookin 4 sumtin lyke that and when i saw it i shot a load in ma pants.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Muscle Boy Gut Bashed

Hot beefy guys wrestling hard. This is so really hot, at 1:28 when dude drops other dudes pants and laughs. Dam he looks good! Then he keeps fighting with his pants down. How much for you guys to wrestle at my place?

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Hot Studs Pound Each Others Abs

Father and Son, both wrestlers, practice submission holds on the mat. Father prevails in the end and punishes his son! I know the description says they're just practicing, but it would have been nice to see a bit more grappling and struggling between these two, especially in the first half of the video. With such a muscular dad and gorgeous son, this clip would have been phenomenal if it just had a little more action in it.

Wrestling Men

Hard wrestling action,between Alex & Corlis. This is making me really excited! The black dud'es body is so gorgeous, and his ..... is so well defined, and I lOVE that big bulge of his! The white guy is damn cute, and has a nice body! Just think how it would be watchinf these 2 go at it....SEXUALLY!


That looks good with that calzonito blue, and know that I stand cuendo in the balls hit him. step one would have gotten, I do I make the aor the guy or give him a ..... This vid make me like to grab the spanish guy's amazing bulge.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube


This is jason adonis (dark haired guy) and marc stone taken from a the video called mat attack,can also be found on a dvd called jason adonis:collectors edition. Good looking dudes, nice ...... and bulges, good bodies, nice testosterone action.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

"The King" Shane Williams

Painful wrestling moves... thats real torture! i was hoping to go to wrestling school, now i moight have second thoughts on that! LOL

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Nov 14, 2010

Sexy Shirtless Scene of Hot Handsome Male Celebrities

Sebastian Rulli

Incredibly sexy actor who won their international fame, ever since that time these hot male celebrities have been considered a sex symbol and one of the most handsome living men, and we can hardly disagree – you just look at those gorgeous abs and their well-toned ass-cheeks to see that they really rock!, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

Sebastián Rulli

Sebastián Rulli began his career modeling in many different countries in Europe, namely Spain, Italy and France as well as in Mexico and the United States. In Mexico, he then enrolled in Televisa's Centro de Educación Artística (CEA), where he studied acting. Rulli made his first appearance on Mexican television in the soap opera

Carlos Ponce

In a career spanning well over a decade, Carlos Ponce has successfully employed his talents in numerous facets of entertainment, proving himself to be a formidable figure with vast talent. Having worked in the music industry as a singer, songwriter and producer, and appearing in television and film.

Carlos Guillermo Haydón

Carlos Guillermo Haydon, born March 25, 1976, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor. Prior to embracing acting as a career, Haydon trained in Advertising and Marketing in the "Instituto Nuevas Profesiones." In addition, he worked as a model in television commercials and fashion shows.

Bobby Larios

Larios wanted to be in show business since he was little. As he grew, he became a struggling actor, finding small jobs at different plays and not gaining any recognition. During the 1990s, he married Otilia Moralo, with whom he had a son.

David Zepeda

David Zepeda is a Mexican model and actor. Known for his great looks and rock hard body, he has penetrated the world of modeling and acting over the last ten years. He was born in Nogales, Sonora on December 19, 1982. 1 In as early as 1999 he began acting for television series.

Víctor González

Víctor Manuel González Reynoso (born September 10, 1973 in Querétaro) is a Mexican actor. He is the nephew of the well-known composer Oscar Reynoso.

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Nov 8, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hunks Body Worship Videos

Live Muscle Show and Hunks Worship

These hot men have very sexy attitude especially because it does the pec bounce to seem so easy. Great muscles and strength! I'd loved to ....  this orange juice on their nipples while they bounce their mountains in my mouth! Love watching these dudes, they are awesum! they love to do shirt ripping vids, flexing their arms, wings, really amazing. Very definition of "Hot" Don't think I ever seen better thighs ! Wanna kiss, lick, touch these powerful, most shapely, well-developed thick veiny thighs of their Great accent, Must have loads of admirers...

Live Musc1e Show - Damen Rockford in Big Musc1e

Live Musc1e Show - Damen Rockford in Big Musc1e

Gay porn stars Ian Duncan and Pierre Fitch did a hot flexing live show a couple of months ago. Here is the first 2 mins of the video where they flex and show off their hot and bulging muscIes.

Bodybuilder Strips & Poses in Hotel Room

Bodybuilder Strips & Poses in Hotel Room

Fast forward to 6:45 for the good stuff!, this vid is very erotic. He is big and sexy, I'd like to see this bodybuilder wrestle/grapple with Vader from WWF. I can't stop comparing him to Vader at 9:20 - 14.35. I wonder who would win?

Extreme Ripped MuscIe Worship

Extreme Ripped MuscIe Worship

Nice arms, pecs and abs and everything!!”Spec”tacular ! I just wana lick each and every bit of you, massage those rippling , beautiful body and cuddle in those awesome pecs and wash board abs!

More Pec Bouncin'

More Pec Bouncin'

Thanks for the good words, guys..makes me even more motivated at the gym! Will get another vid out to you soon! Awesome. No other word to describe...wait also Sexy and amazing and unbelievable ..... Hotter than ever, if that is possible!!!! So want to worship your awesome physiques.

Ripped Physiques Man Rubs Olive Oil!

Ripped Physiques Man Rubs Olive Oil!

You never cease to amaze me ... you look amazingly strong ... you are so sexy and beautiful. And you are extremely masculine ... Your lovable body a masterpiece of human evolution. And I love your attitude. Viorel, you're so adorable.

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Live Muscle Show

Nov 4, 2010

It's Shower Time - The Hunk's Lovely Shower Video Scene - Part II

Hot Muscle Hunks Take Shower

How to Relax in the Shower

We all know that a bath with candles, music, and sweet smelling bath oils can relieve stress and promote relaxation. Unfortunately, not everyone has time for a leisurely soak in the bath tub. If you only have time for a quick shower and are feeling a bit stressed, you can still relieve stress with fast shower. .... Read More >>

Hot Guy in the Shower

That is so hot!! anyone want a slippy soapy shower? im so hard now, that was sexy as hell. i want a slippery soapy shower. I have seen this porn before. Well, it's not really porn.. but there are lots of naked guys.....

Man Enjoying Shower Massage - Waterpik

A man enjoys a shower with the Shower Massage® by Waterpik® in this 1987 commercial, which features the Ray Charles song "What'd I Say." It's the massaging shower head that started it all. The Original Shower Massage® features the Waterpik® exclusive massage technology that delivers an incredibly satisfying, high-performance shower at virtually any water pressure. .... Can I buy the man too? :)

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Power Man Shower - Muscle Lord

They just proud of the result. I am sure once you look good too you can't stop staring yourself in the mirror. It's the product of your labor. Have a good one my friend. OMG this guy is flexin when he shave himself :) always muscular guys flexing and no breathing everywere they go? think they relax only in sleep. .... Let me 'shave' you..I won't miss a spot...I promise! LOL i just have to wonder why you placed the razor against your neck. I didn't see any physical hair there.

Ripped Muscular Guy in Blue Speedos Takes a Shower

He's truly a hot muscular boy who looks oh so hot everywhere!....YUMMY. Loved the dude, taking a shower in his speedo! Very hot and sexy.

Tom Selleck Showers

What a strikingly handsome thick trimmed mustached hairy chested god. The film crew were all getting boners and he started to get nervous, so he cut it short--the shower, that is; not the fur, thank God....I moustache magnum question why is he soooo sexy?

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