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Oct 10, 2010

Young Hot Male Bodybuilders - Workout Videos

Hot Teen Bodybuilders Vidoes

You won't believe the incredibly ripped and developed physiques of these young muscle guys ... In the gym, if you do something like these guys 's work out,trowing with weights, straight back, lift you're head when you do the chest press, hold you're breath, all things that screwed you're workout. One thing is for sure, if these guys would do steroids, they would be fucking huge! but keep up the natural good work. These dudes work out as much as possible withut over working their bodies, alot of protein and hard sweaty workouts.

Scott Herman - His Back Workout

Follow him as he workout his back. There are much simpler ways to lift that amount of weight without putting so much strain on your joints and lower back. The way you start some of your back routines is ridiculous, your spine won't last into your 50's.

Shredded Kid

Flexing the kitchen. Gorgeous. I cant wait to see him with 30 more pounds of solid muscIe on him. Love those pecs that are huge and So HOT! So loved it when he were Bouncing them! Hope to see more of him!

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

22 Year Old Bodybuilder Yumon Eaton

I love all the hair on your body your a true man babe! i want too see you in the shower ;) You can't get much hotter dude, really great haircut and goatee, muscIe is awesome as always!


He's been asked to upload a longer vid so here it is. Kevin has packed on more muscle since this video was taken. He has a great overall natural look. Very hot and sexy body! yum yum! Just wanna know how long have he been working out?

Steve Possing (30 Months of Hard Training)

Possing 19 yo , 1.84 , 78 kg . After Chest WorkOut . I Was 85 kg last winter , and i went to 76.5 this summer ( i was very rippped) Now I've doubled my carbs and i've started to do my mass routine again. I want to be 88 kg since February 2010 :D .I hope i will make it , of corse all natural !

2009 NPC Teen/Collegiate Nationals Pump Room 2

This Pump Room video features up-and-coming bodybuilding stars from the light-heavyweight and heavyweight classes pumping up, oiling down and practicing their poses before hitting the stage. Great close-ups give you a unique and exclusive look at these supreme physiques..... Fantastic muscular guys I wanna be like them yo quiero ser como ellos se ven fantasticos.

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