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Jun 4, 2010

Ripped and Sexy - Muscle Men Video

Ripped Abs Muscle Men Videos

Hot big muscle guys showin their stuff. With weight training could really boost their lean muscIe mass and shield they from possible bone displacement. Body building could also help them to burn away those additional calories and boost their rate of metabolism. Importantly, they must take consideration of given principles while weight training, for instance getting plenty of rest.... They are hot, young, ripped and the bodybuilder in development. Hope you enjoy these hot, funny and nice video :)

Ripped Abs

Showing his ripped abs. He's still working on becoming more ripped! Amazing! He has all the right components that a man needs..and the only thing more perfect than those sexy abs and pecs is his gorgeous face. Some people like to see his upper quads that how cut they are.

Up Close And Personal

Bodybuilder poses up close for the camera, that was nothing short of spectacular!  Would love to get my hands on that. Would love to feel those muscIes.

Ripped Bodybuilder Alan Valdez Poses

A very good bodybuilder, not to big and most definitely not to small. Aww man thats cold. Then again when you see him rubbing himself with oil he does look like he loves himself a bit too much. This guy should do a hulk out id love to see his big arms rip threw a tight shirt. .... That is what I call the perfect physique.

Joe Daniels Posing after Chest Workout

He's awesome muscle hunk, very sexy! Dude that christmas tree goes all the way up his back. He is ripped and ready to beat all others in competition. With his fantastic body! but that camera angle sucks. I suggest that his face the camera directly when posing and do not aim the camera at mirrors. .... lookin GREAT, ripped and hard! Like the beard.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jimmy Canyon Pecs

IFBB pro bodybuilder Jimmy "the Razor" Canyon trains and poses pecs the day after the 2007 IFBB Europa Bodybuilding Championships in Dallas, Texas. See Jimmy and six other IFBB pro bodybuilders in the DVD - The Giant Killers Europa 2007 at MostMuscular.Com

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