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Jul 1, 2010

Hot Muscle Worship Videos from Youtube

Well, here it is, Muscle Worship Video Gallery... Apparently some people willing to pay bodybuilders a lot of money for them to pose in front of them in various poses...I guess nude posing would be involved. I hear a lot of NPC guys do it ... I'd do the private posing, or odd little workout moves if the price is right. I'd probably limit it to EVERYONE being fully clothed, or if they wanna spank off then they are out of range of me....but shoot for the right price I don't see the problem with it.

Boiler Room

Short clip filmed inside the boiler room of the manhattan apt. the owner of this clip (Carlos Arias Photo) would like to thanks to Mr.Chris Villa for helping him create this piece of art. This video clip took my breathe away, wow just wow! Chris is hot as hell, would love to see more of him. This is an absolutely top quality piece of art!

Rippped Straight Musc1e God on

This is just one of the hundreds on power god musc1e-worship experiences you'll find on, the web's oldest and largest erotic male musc1e-worship site. And this is our favorite huge virile domonant musc1egod, Armon in a highly charged musc1e-worship sequence as "The elevator repair man".

Musc1e God BadboyShalunk

Worship the ripped lean musc1e like the gods! The body, the attitude, the cocky voice, the tats, the eyes. PERFECTION. not too bulky. All naturulal lean musc1e.

Musc1e Worship 3

This would give any healthy man a bone, sooooo hot. The older dominant male is awesome. Incredible body on him. Big beautiful, want to be in that room, oil them both rip off their trunks ... These guys get naked and .... in

Lean Ripped Musc1e God

Godly musc1e machine, you are so amazing. I'm totally yours. Everytime I see a new video, I fall in love with you all over again. Love your playfulness on cam :) You're cocky yet sweet and hot as hell.

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