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Jun 13, 2010

Big Muscled Chest and Ripped Abs Videos

Chest Muscle Workout - the Basics

Heavy Benching Isni the Only Way to Build a Chiseled Chest. The heavy metal we push toward the ceiling is hardly the Only exercise that builds, shapes, and sculpts a formidable chest. Developing a lean, muscular chest is an essential part of every weight training routine’ Maybe it’s time to emphasize some of these basic and effective chest exercises ... ReadMore >>

Latest flex in Jordan

Hey everyone, Jordan is back home now nice and tanned:) Just a short clip to show it off! He's been getting alot of emails simply accusing him of taking steriods.That is simply not true. He does however has nothing against people who decide to take steriods. His goal has always been to achieve good shape and conditioning, along with some decent body mass.

HOT Ripped Bodybuilder Edson Serafim Poses Vascular

As one of the most gifted and most popular bodybuilders in South American, Edson Serafin has established himself as an institution in his native Brazil. We managed to shoot video footage of Edson only two days after he won the Brazilian IFBB Championships in October 2007, when he was in peak condition and right before we sponsored him (along with several other athletes from Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina). That allowed him to participate at the IFBB World Championships in South Korea. He’s since been a champion in Brazil and in IFBB overall winner.

Bodybuilder Poses Chest To Be Worshipped

Oh man, if he was here with me, I would be worshipping his hot muscular chest, abs, biceps and vascular forearms! Lest not I forget to add, legs! That's a body to be worshiped.

Bodybuilder Armon Adibi ripped and vascular

Vascular bodybuilder Armon Adibi hits some poses prior to a competition. See more of Armon on MostMuscular.Com or visit his website for Armon's DVDs at

Frank McGrath

I like Frank, he is a big guy and I would like to be around his size as my physique goal. I have a pic of him on my wall to motivate me more. This is the kind of guy sourcing all its self confidence from his physique, and makes everybody understand around him that he is muscIed, and who is not is worth nothing...tiring. However I admire his muscIes and I practice bodybuilding as well.

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