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May 28, 2010

Hot Muscle Worship, and Hot Male Bodybuilder Posing Video

Muscle Worship - Fitness Male Model & Bodybuilders

Wondering Other Guys Here Like Muscle Worship

MuscIe worship is mainly what I'm attracted to - huge musc1ed guys, I love to worship musc1e although i hate the terminology. It's like foreplay before having sex with your boyfriend ... at least I hope that what it is! Musc1es do taste yummy, I really get into it because something about the presence that really ripped guys have turns me on, among other things. I'm sure more guys here enjoy musc1e, maybe they don't like the term "worship". I love the feel of musc1es, the hardness, the sexiness, the veins (really into veins), how the skin feels when stretched tight. I love to look, but more I like to touch. Not just bodybuilders, but normal musc1ed guys who are lean are very sexy.

2005 NPC Nationals: Jesse Duque's Posing Routine

Top bodybuilder Jesse Duque, from the 2005 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Evening Show video. The flexing never ends at, where they bring you the best in men's bodybuilding on video and on-demand in professional quality and stunning detail, thousands of ripped, muscular male physiques, massive biceps, and freaky huge musc1e mass.

Teen Musc1e Endurance Part 11

Handsome face, beautiful complexion. Far more musc1e mass than I personally like, but a beautiful man nonetheless. That cannot be denied. like that possitive smile on his face...This guy is gorgeous. Hope he continues to compete.

JJ Improved

Jesus dude.....he's getting big, great bod and posing with awesome and veautiful veins. His ripped to the bone, let's see the legs, just keep lifting hard!. He is new kid on the block. and hot. bring out your chest more to over shadow those monster delts and traps. absolutely amazing, perfect v-shape, muscular and great vascularity his progress is impressive.

Flexing Triceps

I think his arms are  too big in comparrison with his small chest but flabby pecs. I know he doesn't roids then he just dont know how to work his body correctly. Though, he is really packing on some musc1e and has amazing progress. Just keep it up, brilliant improvement.

Musc1e worship - Bodyweight Fitness

He's definitely attractive and he's a great looking guy with an incredible body...Beautiful! I mean very handsome and absolutely hot, what a beautiful chest and back, love biceps. He never seem to flex those or hold that pose long.

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