Live Muscle Show

Apr 15, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 15

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 15

Admire the beauty of these perfectly built m_scle hunks as they express their ripped m_scle bodies for you.... Armon Adibi, top male bodybuilder, poses and trains his pecs, Zeb Atlas and Giovanni Volta wrestling, Hot m_scle daddy flexing in the morning, teen bodybuilder, and hot hunk posing after after he come back from gym.

Bodybuilder Armon Adibi Poses, Trains Pecs

Bodybuilder Armon Adibi his some poses that show his incredible vascularity and then starts training his chest. See more of Armon on MostMuscular.Com ULTRA and ULTRA Plus. Armon's new DVD -- Armon Adibi Behind the Scenes -- will be available beginning in mid-June, 2008, at

Alpha Men - Zeb and Friend

His friend, the guy with the long hair is Giovanni Volta. Hope to see more action between these two hot guys! as long Zeb's on it and he's getting hot and horny, may be next time Zeb will squeeze his friend by using his legs on his chest! Just so awesome, like to see more of this vid, his friend is as big and macho!

Some Flexing in the Morning

I really love this hot hairy m*scle daddy, He is working hard to improve and grow, "working on getting to 20", not far to go" he said. That's one rockin' physique, he's designed and maintained an incredible body! He 's on hormone replacement therapy by an endocrinologist (He's 41 years old, ..OMG this guy look so hot and younger than he is). Unfortunately, it has given him acne in places that he never had it before.

Teen Bodybuilder

This is by far the most really hot guy, would do everithing he aske me for. Impressive legs, very massive and well proportioned body. Love to worship all of his muscles, including the big one hidden behind that thong! Handsome man, wonderful physique. Too bad there was so little time given to his whole body. His legs looked fine, what we saw of them. He deserves better videography.

Posing after GYM

A few minutes after he come back from gym... He was pumped after he worked out for chest. For more videos with me , subscribe his channel on youtube. Would love to see him wear some leather and do some more posing! Very, very hot! Boxers are supposed to have good biceps and he does.

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