Live Muscle Show

Apr 23, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 16

TJ Humphreys - Bodybuilder Magazine Model

Live Musc1e Show and Hot Muscu1ar Men Videos - Part 16, You know you love them hung, muscular and good looking to boot, Hot musc1e man struts around the gym locker room, they love to pose and show off their musc1e bodies. Here are, Musc1eboy enjoys your reaction to his massive abs and back, Hotel musc1eworship part 2, T.J. Humphreys hot male bodybuilder and magazine model poses for photos shoot, David Naugler posing routing at 2008 WBFF show, and The webcam video of hot model name Ryan. .... enjoy.

Ripped Musc1e Boy

This musc1eboy enjoys your reaction to his massive abs and back, flexing them hard as he sees you gawk at every bulge in his overdeveloped body. You can't help but stare at godlike musc1e you ache to reach out and touch.

Hotel Musc1eworship Part 2

I show you what it feels like to be gawking at inhuman musculature up close as I let your eyes worship my massive ripped physique. You know you can't look away because you desire and envy every inch of my powerful musc1es. You feel puny next to me and want to worship me as the Musc1eGod I am. You would do anything to service my body and I know it...

Bodybuilder / magazine model T.J. Humphreys

Bodybuilder T.J. Humphreys poses for photos prior to the NPC Nationals. T.J. was featured on a Musc1e and Fitness magazine cover shortly thereafter. See more of T.J. in the DVD - Guns Miami Prime Musc1e - available at MostMuscu1ar.Com.

WBFF 2008 David Naugler

David Naugler posing routing at 2008 WBFF show, I really think he's one of the best bodybuilders in the country. His symmetry is truly amazing... I love those posing briefs makes his tapered physique awesome. David really reminds me of Bob Paris - - great lines! Have only seen photos before - hope there might be more video to share!

Hot Pumping Biceps and Abs

Check out this musc1e rippling webcam video. Me posing biceps,chest and abs. Absolutely loving that fitness models are finally showing off like hot Ryan here. Would absolutely love to worship those awesome musc1es!....outstanding; very handsome and aesthetically pleasing physique.

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