Live Muscle Show

Apr 4, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 13

Hot Hunk Guy - Work Out

Hot Hunks Videos from Youtube Part 13 - There are; hot and hard body guy who love to show off, many shirtless hunks workout (Paul, Carter, Jess Parker, Travis and Dave), France's Top Male Strippers, Tommy Wooster, and Luka Treska ... enjoy

Hot and Hard Body!

Amazing ripped and hunk body showing off big time! and most erotic show off live for you

Shirtless Hunks Workout

The guys are (in order of appearance): Paul, Carter, Jesse, Parker, Travis, and Dave. I'll cut to the chase. yes, these guys are definitely nice built. That guys abs at 17 seconds, is barely a six pack, he is oure awesomeness so hot.

90s - France's Top Male Stripper - Mon Dieu

This extremely handsome and hunky monsieur is France's best male stripper of 1997. In stark contrast to the innocence and silliness of the way male strippers were presented in the 1980s, this late 90s version went all the way - overtly sexual, and leaving very little to the imagination....

Яркий (Yarkiy)

This is tommy wooster starring in Яркий (Yarkiy; bright, flare, powerful). pictures originally by idiom (thx), the soundtrack is kobresia by biosphere, edited and combined with (english language) voiceovers taken from an interview with a bodybuilder named paul.

Luka Treska - Posing in Body Line Gym Albania

This was the gym that he trained in for 3 weeks while in Albania. This place was not big at all, but the work outs were great. LOVE the facial hair!... this is how you must look when your in top form. Nice physique mate. keep fit.

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