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Mar 28, 2010

SmokingHunks - Real Men Smoking Video

SmokingHunks - Hot Real Men Smoking Video

Can we see an image of a nice, clean, classy looking man reading a newspaper and smoking a cigar? How about an image of a classy looking man smoking a cigar in bed or sunbathing. Without the dirty 5 oclock shadow, ripped denim, leather or dingy baseball caps. how about a full head of thick hair, hot eyes, nice lips and someone who looks like they have an "immune system".?? The cigar world is beautiful.

Muscles And Cigar

Holy crap! I normally hate the smell of cigars but omg that cigar smoke on your physique is really sexy. You are hot stud. love your hairy body and that cigar WOOF. Easily one of the best cigar videos on YouTube thus far!! You are the best mate!

Cowboy Cigar

There is nothing more attractive than a handsome confident in charge classic man relaxing enjoying a fine cigar. Impeccable. Brilliant. Thank you sir! ...Absolutely one of the sexiest cigar smok'n men on the planet!

Cigar Fiends

For all you cigar fiends...Wow so much judgement! He is a man with his shirt off smoking a cigar for goodness sake. Does everything need to be so analysed?, i like your body and your skin. Very hot cigar stud, you are hot! You turn me on!

My First Cigar Smoking Vid

Very sexy guy! Great nipples and beard - the neck chain's v g too! Flex them biceps when you smoke. Hot. Handsome sexy bear! Would like to listen to your heart!

Navy Cigar

Navy Cigar

Wonderful gloved blue-eyed leathersmoker!I WANT to share my gloves and smoke with you. You are one HOT HOT Leatherman. Thanks!...what a sexy master you are!

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