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Mar 16, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 11

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 10

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos comes to part 11 - That was really hot and hunk muscIe guys, Apollo Phoenix (aka Joe Thunder) Exclusive male model from manifestmen, handsome turkish hunk working out, hot power men shower and shave his hairy body, Michael Fitt, and Marco, Italian man who enjoy posing on youtube ..... enjoy

Hairy Chest Pump Up - Apollo Phoenix

Apollo is all man, not just some overly primped bodybuilder who shaves off all his hair. Apollo’s the type of guy who’s nice, genuine, but still dominant. I know you bottom boys well enough to know if this guy wanted to .... you.

Strong Hunk

How long does people have to train to become like that man? Absolutely great body, This man is a GOD and I would love to worship him! ...what's with the blue jean shorts....would not posing trunks be better? What about the calf, hamstrings, and quad development?....One of the most handsome men on the web.

Power man Shower! .. MuscIe Lord!

WHY do these hot masculine guys SHAVE off all their body hair? I thought he suppose to shave his beard, not his neck. Simply beautiful, I hate body hair. id shave like this guy but it's like the frickin wolfman.

Hot Young Bodybuilder Hunk Shows Off

He's Michael, gorgeous muscIes, i love you!! man I love you, That is one exceptional physique.

Flexing Posing MuscIes Man Hot Guy

Just Mscitaboy hitting some pose and hanging around my cam have a nice muscIe-vision. Italian men are the hottest ever!!! And Marco you have reset the standards....I went away for awhile and then cameback to view your videos andmust admitthat you have improved a lot. Keep up the good work. love the push ups,31 sec what a tease,47 sec hot im on my knees, ....great dimples so cute, hot biceps, perfect body.

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