Live Muscle Show

Jan 16, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 6

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 6

Part 6 of Live Muscle Show and Hot Male Bodybuilders Posing on Stage Videos,....The posing oil is extremely important, the amount has to be just right. Too much and the muscles are obscured, and the competitor can place last instead of winning. Live Cam - Male MuscleHunks and Pro Bodybuilders Live On Cam - MuscleHunks, Pro and Amateur Body Builders, and Male Fitness Models are hot videos clips on youtube I really love.... and I hope you love too.

Rascally Sunday Bath & Cigar!

Sometimes very dirty bearded boys need a nice long bath... This performance is as hot as one could imagine. Deep sexuality is beyond gender, and this vid is proof of that. This is way beyond sex; it is a full expression of love. With full respect I do not think there is anything more attractive than a perfectly bearded handsome gentleman enjoying an expensive cigar. I admire your classic taste and really admire your very attractive beard. You are impeccable, sir.

Live MuscIe Flex of Web Camera

He bored one night.....Wow, if you did this when you were bored, you need to be bored more often... :) i would lick you all night long.....Your best body i saw on youtube ur properly ripped/ buffed up.. ur the exact body shape i wanna get to.. Wow

Posing in Speedos (Jakub Stefano)

Papacito estas rico, you are so sexy i love you...This handsome Czech model must be one of the most physically perfect men in Earth.His face is awesome and his eyes amazing too.I wonder how it feels to be so handsome...You are a very good, hot, beautiful gay man who has a very strong body. I am really nice to give you a hand like a great gay romance. I wish to meet you soon. Please let me know.

ManifestMen - ApolloPhoenix Shaving his Ripped Abs's Fur

Omg the camera zoomed in on his tool while im watching the difference wtf man, the purpose is the slower shaving so we can admire his physiques at the same time. I would take the job as his personal shaver. What a gorgeous hunk of manhood.

Personal Trainer Danilo Ribeiro - Fisicul Turismo flexes, poses, and shows off

For a live show, contact him via YahooMessenger, AIM, or MSN messenger on screename MuscleProwl....How long did it take you to get to that ? :) . Perfect man! Not too big, just amazingly well-built. Nice abs , not small and not too big ... You were on guys gone wild!, a FANTASTIC job, GREAT posing routine all over! Each of your body parts flow and flex so naturally together!

Zoltan Voros - Norway Battle of Giants 2007

Zoltan Vörös the best bodybuilder from Hungary! A real man!, Norway Battle of Giants Pro - 4th (2007), He looks like Paco Bautista when he's dehydrated in a competition condition. Only much handsomer.

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