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Apr 1, 2009

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009 - Amerigo Jackson

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

In January,, the World's largest Muscle Studio called out for a vote: Who of Dynamite's 31 newest muscle stars would be named the 2009 MAN OF THE YEAR? Over 20,000 muscle fans submitted their votes, and now the answer is in: Amerigo Jackson!

Heavyweight Champion Amerigo Jackson is 25 years old, and a country boy of Argentina. He stands 5'11" tall and weights 223 pounds of packed, ripped muscle. Dynamite Studios discovered Amerigo Jackson only 3 years ago. While he was initially very shy, we were able to convince him to become a part of the world's largest muscle studio. Since then Amerigo learned English, perfected his body even more, and he became a MuscleHunks Exclusive, and one of the most sought after models on

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

Free Sample Images of Amerigo Jackson 2009 Man of the Year

With a beautiful face, an awesome competition toned body, Amerigo was a far away and clear favorite of all of the members of With his romantic, matinee-idol profile, proud bearing, classic Roman nose, lustrous black hair - and perfectly balanced, beautifully proportioned physical symmetry - Amerigo is true natural star. Diligent and disciplined, Amerigo does not aspire to be a huge muscle monster. Genetically gifted, he makes the most of his extraordinary inheritance, and his fitness goals are for his lifetime.

Rich O, the owner of Dynamite studios first met Amerigo in Argentina and one look was all it took to know he had a winner on his hands; "My first impression of Amerigo was that he was young, hot, and breathtakingly good looking and has what it takes to win. While he was initially very shy, he now explodes in front of the camera; he exudes confidence, and so very much sex appeal. We are so pleased to have him as one of our exclusive models"

Says Amerigo: "I am happy and honored to have won the Muscle Man of the Year for, and I am grateful to all my fans who have voted for me" - and Amerigo? Your fans are grateful to you, too.

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

Hans Hoffmann 1st Runner Up

The competition for this years MuscleHunks Man of the Year was fierce, and we very much want to congratulate our runners-up; Hans Hoffmann, Macho Nacho, Ezequiel Martinez, Rico Elbaz, Samuel Vieira. We are proud to call all of them Muscle Hunks Men!

You can check our 2009 Man of the Year at or live at

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

Macho Nacho 2nd Runner Up

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

Ezequiel Martinez 3rd Runner Up

MuscleHunks Man of the Year 2009

Rico Elbaz 4th Runner Up

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