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Mar 27, 2009

Rusty Jeffers - The Hottest and Most Handsome Bodybuilder

Rusty Jeffers

Rusty Jeffers was once a Colt model named Carl Hardwick. Colt made vids that were marketed to gay men but all he ever did in them was get naked, pose, oil himself, and jerk off. Solo stuff. I am not sure if he let other men touch him but I don't think he did. So this and the fact that he is married suggest strongly (but not definitively) that he is indeed straight. That he did videos for a gay company just proves he doesn't mind who worships him, men or women!

What i like about Rusty is that he only takes small doses of steroids, therefore not being an absolute freak like Coleman or Cuttler. What an incredible Physique...I've always loved Jeffers' body...Very polished. Rusty is the hottest and most handsome bodybuilder around. Wish he would release a training and posing DVD for his many fans.

This is the winning moment when Rusty got his pro card at the Masters National 2004

Rusty has been a natural bodybuilder for over 10 years. He replied to a lot of similar questions before about "Steroids". Rusty said, "Don't be fooled by what you hear in the media about steroids..... The bodybuilding lifestyle is extremely healthy...."

He is hot, he’s Sexy stud!!! he now shaves his head so makes him more hotter than ever! I love his mustach and hair on this video..he looks so sexy

Guys with more size are huge. He is training hard to build an aesthetic physique not just for size. So there is no need for him to use those drugs (I mean Steroid) .Todays supplements together with diet and training can achieve such a physique. His body is balanced and symmetrical. He is training hard to build up such a body. I just don't understand why other muscular only but out-of-shape pros get more recognition in shows! The gayest bodybuilder at early years...XD. I love Rusty. He's such a cool guy.

Rusty Jeffers competed in 1991 NPC Iron Man. He got 5th in the Heavyweight Class.

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