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Mar 3, 2009

Indian Bodybuilders - Great Body of South Asian Muscle Men

Indian Bodybuilder Sivakumar

Great body, its like a breath of fresh air and pure insperation to me. It gives me confidence becase i have never seen a south asian man look like this, so may be their is a way for me also. He has such a great body with the use of very simple equipment. Omg that double bicep looks impressive! And his body is well sculpt! GO SIVAKUMAR. This guy has got minimum facilities to work out. Look at the gym. It's pure hard work and I wish him a great success. He is a real man against many odds.Perfect symmetrical body, good job Kumar! Even with not so great equipment you built a natural body, keep it up! …. This dude has a body of a god.

Indian Bodybuilder Lijohn

Awesome built chest and shoulders ,massive arms impressive build…. And he is very handsome too.

Indian Bodybuilder Shivkumar

What a solid monster!! a great Indian bodybuilder . It must be a success to be so muscular in India!!!!!He really looks good!!! a good example of Indian strength.....Love those veins and massive pecs!

Indian Bodybuilder Rex Varghese

Bodybuilder Rex Varghese competing at the Mr. India Bodybuilding Championship 2007 in Nellore (A.P.) (1st, 90 kg) …. An excellent bodybuilder from India....Only regret that this clip doesn´t make him justice....He deserves to be watched a lot clearer....

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B.D. said...

Wow. Your reactions to K. Sivakumar and Liljohn were so similar to mine. I had selected those two to feature on my blog as god-men. That post is coming 10-Jun-09 and you can find the link at Sri Lankan Male at that time. I'm searching for Sri Lankan bodybuilders, but in the meantime the many Indian bodybuilders at are magnificent.