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Feb 16, 2009

Rico Elbaz - Backstage Posing in Musclemania Superbody 2007 Video Clips

Rico Elbaz

Rico Elbaz took bodybuilding by storm. His placed first and over-all winner to botain the well-deserved title of Mr. Nevada, and Mr. universe. Rico skillfully balanced bodybuilding while continuing to master his martial arts skills. At the Tekwando US Open, rico was awarded a deserving first place. Rico is currently ranked as a second degree black belt in both Tekwondo and Hapkido. He Started training in mix martial arts in the age of 7, from greek rasling to karate, boxing, krav maga, kick boxing, Mui Thai, tekwondo and hapkido. In the age of 18 Rico serve 3 years in the special forces unit of the military. In 2002 Rico achieved big screen status in martial arts film and several additional movies.

His career flourishes with photo shoots world wide and cover model status with NaturalMuscle, Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, musclemag to name just a few. Rico shares that he’s humbled by his achievements. Each time that he accomplishes something – a box office hit modeling world wide, headliner in various shows on the Vegas strip or a bodybuilding / martial arts award Rico feels that there’s a higher being responsible for all the good thing that are happening in his life.

Rico Elbaz Backstage Posing in Musclemania Superbody Championships 2007

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