Live Muscle Show

Feb 20, 2009

Muscle Daddy and Daddy Bears Videos


Daddy you've got a hot body, an incredibly strong body...!!! Awesome muscles, great definition with chiseled cuts and very vascular! Even his sweat looks cool! I wouldn't mind planting my face between those heaving pecs and give a hearty slurp, slurp, slurp. Yeah, a dream to be worshipped. man, i wanna cum on his chest!

MUSCLE DADDY Pump Backstage Before Contest

He's an American Bodybuilder named Jeff Gauthier. Judging by his oiled physique, he must be going on stage. The reason he is lifting light weight is to only get a pump to take on stage. Have you heard about the pump effect ? When blood rushes into your muscles ? Then you look a bit bigger, so thats why he does it. He is minutes before contest ….. What a BEAUTIFUL daddy!, beautiful pecs !! Look at that great intense dedicated determined face and fantastic body. I'd love to spend a weekend with him and worship him for hours!

Sexy Muscle Bear - Santa Baby

The most AWESOME Santa EVER! What a big package you have Santa :) nice bulge and great ass santa...If you can bring me a present I'd be glad to please you. He's seriously cute though!, this guy has the best pecs and nips, you made my speedos tight each time watching you. It's nice to see a buff dude who only wants to have clean fun. that looks like a riot. You're a hoot! Thanks for the video, and a Happy Ho Ho to you!

Muscle Bear Flexing

A hairy chest and muscle always turn me on. This guy look better than the Greek Adonis; his body of work is beautiful. Think I'll just spend a day chewing those nips and eating those hot, hairy armpits! its a bare chest! ok whatever! he is so hot i would lick his pits anytime. Just perfect: hot, hairy and very good looking! TOTALLY sexy…. Hot muscle bear, a real man! and very erotic video!.... it is obvious that you are totally naked, but still not x rated. Totally masculine muscleman with a furry body and a handsome face to match. Those rock arms, that gorgeous chest, perfect fit muscled hairy body.......want to kiss it all over.

Dave Stone - Hot MUSCLE Bear Shower

His name is Dave Stone, Great body and handsome face...incredible body...hardest nips-loves to have his pecs worked over. Dave Stone has been in videos and in the current incarnation of that site He is SMOKING Hot Muscle Bear . Very hot hairy muscle man with nice nipples and wet underwear!! I would want to be showering with him.

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Devyn said...

Dave Stone is mindblowing on stage. When the shirt comes off and you start working Dave's muscle nips-he will gladly whip out that rockhard dick-keep working his nips-and Dave will come in your hands.