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Feb 22, 2009

Chris Darby - Top National NPC Bodybuilder / Model - Posing Video Clips

Chris Darby

Im a Top National NPC and Musclemania Competitive Bodybuilder/Model. I love everything about my life and the people that surround it. My Lifestyle is very committed and takes alot of heart, and dedication to go exist with. I am very grateful for the loved ones I Have for they support me all the way with no questions asked and understand the sacrifice my lifestyle takes. Without them I would not be who I am and where I am today. There are times it can be a lonely road, becoming extremely focused on your passion, and way of life, that many around you feel left out. Only the TRUE TRUE friends survive the journey. It's the cost of being successful sometimes.

So as you set out on your journey.....realize that there's a price for success. I’m willing to pay the cost! Through my life I have been up and down some hard roads but have managed to come through somehow....I believe life is what you make it... Live your life to the fullest! Have no regrets!(IF POSSIBLE)..... Never loose site of your dreams and always believe in yourself!!! You only live once!!! I'm very down to earth ,Energetic and Outgoing! I can be quite the social butterfly, but also shy at times. I love making new friends and social connections!I am very real....laid back, and love to experience new and exciting things.

Chris Darby - framed by the buildings

Chris Darby - posing in the sun

Chris Darby - cable crossovers

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