Live Muscle Show

Dec 25, 2008

Carlos Botero - Puerto Rican Bodybuilder - Unforgettable Muscle Hunk for the Ages.

Another hugely-tool, hot-muscled Dynamite Classic stars is the compact, built for action, tough Carlos Botero. Carlos will always be the man! See what makes this particular tough, ripped, hugely muscled, massively tool, arrogant little Latin lover an unforgettable Muscle Stud for the ages!Very Sexy Muscle Man.

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One of the videos of this naughty muscle hunks, Carlos was taken with a man who wants to rob him! Instead of giving off cash or anything valuable, he take off his shirt and said he got nothing but his lovely Latin body. The man asked him three times but Carlos totally get naked infront of him to show that he really got nothing and he doesn’t show fear at all! What he doesn’t know is that the robber was a into men too! Now, better check the videos guys to see what happened next;)

Watch for Carlos Botero's online clips from his three classic video sets - remastered and re-edited from the original footage, with all explicit scenes intact including strip dance, shower, muscle session, and The Thief with Ryan Ortega.


martmatsil said...

i have an affinity for Puerto Rican,guys they are great friends,I knew a Puerto Rican guy named richard Gonzalez,he is dead now but he was a good friend to me,we had a special friendship,i did love him,and I do miss him,he was like frank Sinatra,being he was born in December,a sagitarrius.He was also good in bed.May he rest in peace.God speed.